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Current Casting Opportunities:

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"Rachel & Ruthie"

A play by Karen Sokolof Javitch

Casting understudies for "Rachel & Ruthie", a new hit stage production that will be

performed weekly at the Hang On to the Dream Theatre in Hollywood, CA.  Non-union.  

Only submit for these roles if you are local to Los Angeles.

SYNOPSIS:  When Ruthie wanders into Rachel’s room at her sorority house, it seems to be a random encounter.  Soon, however, it becomes apparent that Ruthie may have wandered farther than she originally thought.  "Rachel and Ruthie" is the poignant story of two 21 year-olds in their last year of college who discover they have much more in common than they originally thought.  Each girl has something to gain from their encounter, and the experience will prove incredibly rewarding for both.  This riveting play will bring tears to your eyes and inspire you.

Major roles:

RACHEL, 21 year-old college senior.  Wearing jeans with holes in them and a University of Wisconsin sweatshirt.

RUTHIE, 21 year-old college senior.  Wearing clothes from 1947.  Ages at the end of the show to be a youthful 81 year-old.

NOTE: Send in a self-tape.  No need to memorize the script, feel free to read directly from the sides.  Also, there is a scene in the play that includes a brief song between the main characters, so having singing ability is a plus.

Sides are attached to this casting listing.  Again, it's not necessary to memorize this script when making your self tape. The audition script is a bit long because of the story twist that occurs and we want to see how you handle the twist.

After you record your self-tape, upload it to your You Tube channel marked as "Unlisted", and then email us the link so that our team can review it. 


Email your self-tape link to:

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