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Radio/Podcast shows currently in production:

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William Holden Wildlife Foundation Podcast with Stefanie Powers

Stefanie Powers, star of the hit TV series, "Hart to Hart", is the president and founder of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, named in honor of the late movie star.  She is also the host of a new hit podcast where she discusses the importance of wildlife conservation. 


Click here to listen to the premier episode:

William Holden Wildlife Foundation Podcast - Premier EpisodeStefanie Powers
00:00 / 09:17
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The History of Hollywood with Marc Wanamaker

Marc Wanamaker is the foremost authority on the history of Hollywood.  Known around the world, Marc has appeared on numerous TV shows and documentaries, and has an archive of over 250,000 photographs of Hollywood, dating back to the late 1800s!  

Click here to listen to the premier episode:

"The History of Hollywood" - Premier EpisodeMarc Wanamaker
00:00 / 14:25
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"The Radio Cafe Top 10 Countdown" is a hit weekly radio show,

hosted by Emmy Award winning TV host and Producer Christopher Ewing,  

President/CEO of Poverty Row Studios.  

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"Kids Radio Network", "Princess Diana The Musical Radio", and "Baby Music Radio" 
are 3 popular radio stations featuring music by renowned singer/songwriter/playwright

Karen Sokolof Javitch.  

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“More On The Story” 

is a new news podcast hosted by Judith Bishop, 

former producer of “Hardball with Chris Matthews”, 

“Meet The Press with Tim Russert”,  NPR, CNBC and more. 

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“Through the Eyes of Jessica” 

Jessica Frew is a living miracle, plain and simple.  Born with Cerebral Palsy, she is 20 years old and, through her podcast series, Jessica will tell you what it's like to be a young woman in 2022 who is unable to walk, unable to talk, unable to use her arms and hands, yet with intelligence, and desires, along with hopes and dreams to change the world! 

At times, she may make you laugh.  At times, she may make you cry. 

But she will always inspire you to believe and to never give up on your dreams!

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